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What is L.I.HA.M.?

What is L.I.HA.M.? - Life in Harmony Method

The Life in Harmony Method is the result of an in-depth study of various Eastern and Western disciplines. Its objective is to achieve, or to come as close as possible to achieving, physical and mental wellbeing.

Extraordinary arts such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates dance together, merging at times to become one element, diving into a sea of magical music.

Yoga teaches us to go beyond our mechanical and postural limits, using the power of the mind.

Thai Chi teaches us to move by means of the Five Elements, and also how to use them.

Pilates is the discipline, the method and the will to reach unexpected goals in the most difficult moments.


By training our mind and our body through daily physical exercise such as Qui Gong, and diet such as Natural Macrobiotics, we realise that the most diverse disciplines all have common sense and balance as collective themes, despite being geographically, culturally and temporally distant.

What L.I.Ha.M humbly attempts to do is constantly enhance the knowledge of subjects like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, postural training, biology, physiology and anatomy of the human body, music therapy, meditation, movement mechanics and the philosophy of life and nutrition in order to attempt to generate the highest level of wellbeing possible for followers.

It is necessary to attain yogic awareness to set an objective, first of all, then advancing to Jin Buh with the energy of Tai Chi, while Pilates will give you the strength to continue. Finally, once the objective has been reached, L.I.Ha.M will give you the courage to realise that the achieved point is actually the starting point.


By using this method, I have had the chance in recent years to see enormous improvements in hundreds of people with various issues, such as spinal column curvatures, incorrect postures, calcification of rotator cuffs, peri-arthritis, knees and legs in the post operation phase, asymmetric scapulae and pelves, functional recoveries of various origins, highly toxic diets, diabetics, people with low will power, low self-esteem in themselves and others, etc.

I would like to therefore thank all of the students who have challenged first of all themselves, well done; those who support me and all of the teachers I have had and will continue to have, as L.I.Ha.M., along with all of the aforementioned Arts, is constantly being enriched and renewed.

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you! - Life in Harmony Method
My name is Domenico Ursino and I love what I do all my life.
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